Thursday, 30 January 2014

Revision Tip of the Day!

Start your revision EARLY! 

There's nothing worse than glancing up at your calendar and finding that there's less than 48 hours 'til a make-or-break exam, so make sure you start your revision early, ideally at least 3 months before the big day. 

Starting early means that you can take each day one-at-a-time without any rush or stress. There's a lot to cover at A-Level so it's best to iron out any wrinkles early, rather than panicking last minute. 

Spending just an hour a day going over the stuff you did in September will help to refresh your memory. I know it's more fun to be playing Flappy Bird or paroozing Tumblr but in the long run you'll thank me. 

Good Luck!

One of the less reliable revision techniques.. 

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