Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Welcome to The Revision Ward!

Being a student is HARD! With deadlines and exams looming sometimes things can get a bit overwhelming but that's where The Revision Ward is here to help! Along with some helpful tips on revision techniques, relieving stress and managing your time effectively, I'll be posting helpful revision tools and notes on the AS and A2 subjects that I'm studying in order to make your revision as painless as possible! 

On this blog you can expect to see the following topics covered, as a way of helping us both to review the work we've already done: 
- A2 OCR Psychology: G543 and G544 
- AS AQA English Language
- A2 AQA English Language 
- A2 AQA English Literature: Wuthering Heights, The Bloody Chamber and Macbeth

Good Luck! 

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