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Wuthering Heights Family Tree

Anyone who has read Wuthering Heights will be well aware of the initial complexity of ever-intertwining family tree and although there are only a few main characters, Brontë's fondness for repeating names can lead to some confusion. Thankfully, a simple Wuthering Heights Family Tree can untangle the Linton/Earnshaw/Heathcliff mess in no time! 

(This picture is taken from the York Notes Wuthering Heights AS&A2 Revision book and does not belong to me.)

As you can see, the first generation consists of Mr & Mrs Earnshaw of Wuthering Heights and Mr & Mrs Linton of Thrushcross Grange. 
The second generation consists of Mr & Mrs Earnshaw's biological children Catherine and Hindley, along with Heathcliff, who was adopted by Mr. Earnshaw on a trip to Liverpool. The second generation also consists of Edgar and Isabelle, the biological children of Mr & Mrs Linton. 

Got it so far? This is where it starts to get confusing! 

Hindley Earnshaw returns from school with a wife, now named Francis Earnshaw.
Despite her love for Heathcliff, Catherine Earnshaw marries Edgar Linton, making her Mrs. Catherine Linton. 
After Catherine's marriage, Heathcliff and Isabelle Linton elope. This makes her Mrs. Isabelle Heathcliff. 

Still with me? Now for the children! 

Francis and Hindley Earnshaw have a child called Hareton, who after both of their deaths is "looked after" by Heathcliff. 
Edgar Linton and Catherine Linton (formerly Earnshaw) have a child who (unhelpfully) is also named Catherine Linton. 
Isabelle Heathcliff runs away from Heathcliff while pregnant, and gives birth to a son who (also unhelpfully) is named Linton Heathcliff.

Now some of the children get together! We're nearly there! 

In a ploy to inherit Edgar Linton's money, Heathcliff forces his son, Linton Heathcliff, to marry the young Catherine Linton. This very briefly makes her Catherine Heathcliff. 
After Linton Heathcliff's death, Catherine Linton and Hareton Earnshaw (son of Frances and Hindley Earnshaw) unite. 

That's all folks! Read through this a couple of times and you'll get to know the Wuthering Heights Family Tree better than your own! 

Good Luck! 

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